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Strong education supports HK entrepreneurship (Part 1)
An exclusive interview with Mrs. Law, the new chairwoman of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.
Can a team have too much talent?
Attracting top talent is a key priority for competitive organisations. But can ‘more’ become ‘too much’?
Distance learning MBA provides high standards and flexibility
Combining work and other commitments with the demands of taking an MBA is never easy, but for many professionals the option of distance learning now makes it possible for them to meet that challenge...
What have I learned from the MBA programme? (Part 1)
A friend recently asked me what I have learned during my two-year MBA programme. This is the first part of my thoughts on the subject.
Is GRE replacing GMAT?
I know the GMAT (graduate management admission test) has long been the gold standard for getting into business school. I heard recently, though, that more applicants are taking the GRE (graduate...
MBA admissions – telling your story
The question I hear most often when meeting prospective MBA students is “what makes an application successful?” I think most candidates want to hear that there are one or two key attributes they need...
Anchoring bias skews analysts' forecasts
Anchoring bias happens when people overemphasize a starting point when they make predictions or decisions. 
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Europe's Lagging Startup Scene
Can it really be that of North America, Europe, and Asia, it's Europe that's lagging behind in the startup scene? Some think so. The reason is not lack of enthusiasm, gumption, or skills, but simply...
Business needs more emotionally intelligent leaders
 EQ isn’t necessarily measured by a quantitative number, but it certainly contributes to one’s long-term career success. The ability to connect with, relate to, and motivate others for success is...