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AIA Launches Accelerator Programme to Support Innovation
AIA announced the launch of a 12-week accelerator programme to support innovative business and entrepreneurs on their paths to delivering break-through innovations and technologies.
When it comes to bedtime, your child may need a push
My seven-year-old son has a lot trouble concentrating in school. His teacher says he is tired and lethargic in class and often yawns. I've tried to get him to sleep earlier...
Flexibility dividend: Why supported employees increase customer satisfaction
When Telstra CEO David Thodey announced that from March this year all jobs at the business could be worked flexibly, he talked about creating a more inclusive culture and removing barriers for people...
Young actors show their maturity
As the eager young actors take the stage, parents' faces in the audience light up with proud smiles. "It just gives me goose bumps," says Tim Fawcett, as he watches his 11-year-old...
Hong Kong students learn some valuable lessons about money
Financial education programme teaches students how to be wise with their cash. Learning how to manage and save money are key life skills, and these basics of financial awareness...
New scholarship programme supported by Wall Street tycoon
Stephen Schwarzman, a Wall Street heavyweight who was once turned down for a prestigious Rhodes scholarship, is now on the fast track to setting up his own scholarship fund with the support of two of...
Double degree offers unique opportunities
In opting to take a dual JD (juris doctor) and MBA from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School in the late 1980s, Hamilton Tang could be reasonably sure of two things.
British Council IELTS launches the 1001 Ways mobile application and celebrates the diversity of the English language
Developed by British Council IELTS and is available on both AppStore and Google Play, 1001 Ways is a new application that celebrates the world’s accents and the universality of the English language.
In today's world, vocational education should be valued
Education authorities have renewed their interest in vocational education and consulted various bodies on how best to pursue it. One effective way, they say...
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Information Seminar: Executive Diploma Series for Non-Financial Executive HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education November 24, 2014
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