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Putting a price tag on brands
A universally accepted standard for brand valuation is an urgent need in a business world increasingly driven by intangibles.
Escoffier inspired French cooking course heats up HK culinary scene
Overshadowed by the variety of Asian and western-style cuisine available in culinary capital Hong Kong, French cuisine has not yet achieved the deserved peak of its popularity in the territory.
Prepare well for your interview
An interview is an important meeting. We all have to go through a few during our career, whether for a business school admission application or when we are about to graduate from an MBA programme and...
Specialist classes can work wonders for children with learning difficulties
The first step is for parents to seek a professional assessment.  
A Business Mind: Peter Yau, founder and general manager of AnchorStream
Set up by three ambitious IT staff of a medical company, AnchorStream has expanded from the medical field and web design to a one-stop service provider and has produced a string of successful...
The paradox of organisation restructuring
For a new incumbent of the chief executive’s office, sooner or later, there will be the temptation to tamper with the organisation of the company he is employed to take charge of. 
TRIUM global executive MBA is ranked #1 worldwide in the Financial Times executive MBA 2014 ranking
TRIUM is an exclusive program that offers a transformational learning experience and access to a remarkable group of global business leaders, allowing students to develop lifelong professional and...
Hong Kong shines on the Economist top 100 MBA list
Rightly or wrongly, the ranks of different MBA courses weigh heavily when students decide which business school to apply to. It is also a big deal for universities to get onto – or drop out of – the...
The most important skill
No matter where you take your MBA, you will learn some important new business skills.  You might learn to write a business plan, how to calculate ROI (in several ways), how to negotiate your next...
Protests offer students chance to learn about social issues and history
Educators see the pro-democracy protests as a chance to teach students about civics, history and even comparative governments. One outcome of the "umbrella protests"...