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Business Administration

Business management degrees and diploma programmes offer a good general foundation for aspiring business elites. Most business management curriculums allow for students to focus on specialist areas such as marketing, operations management, and human resources management, to help applicants tailor their course choice to their career aspirations. Education Post lists a complete range of business management degrees accredited both locally and internationally.

Part Time
It normally takes students 2 terms (8 months) to complete the programme on a part-time basis with the assumption that a student is taking 2 courses a term. But it may be possible for a student to take more than 2 courses a term to cut short the duration of studies.
About HK$9,000 for the whole programme, subject to revision and to be paid on a course-by-course basis.

The programme aims at providing students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to manage conferences and special events from beginning to end, from creating the event marketing plan to...

Part Time
16 months
HK$34,000 per programme (by 2 instalments. 1st instalment – HK$23,000; 2nd instalment – HK$11,000)

The aviation industry of Hong Kong has been continuously expanding, with the development of the third run-way at the Hong Kong International Airport, the aviation business will be further growing...


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