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Finance & Accounting

Despite the notorious ups and downs of the industry, accounting and finance courses always offer great career promise across the board. Some of the more notable specialist areas include M&A (merger and acquisition), investor relations, risk control, and global accounting practices. Education Post lists the accounting and finance courses most recognized by industry practitioners. 

Online/Distance Learning
Part Time
2-4 Years
Total fees $113,800 $130,800 - $138,300 * Including an initial registration fee of $700 and examination fees of $2,600 ($650 x 4 papers) charge by HKIAAT. Fees are indicative only. # Fees are indicative only and they are subject to change without prior notice. For 2-term courses; students can pay the tuition fee in two installments before term starts.


The Bachelor of Professional Accounting with Honours programme (BPAHB) is designed to provide high quality education in theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various aspects...

Higher / Advanced Diploma
Part Time
2.5 years
HK$3750* per module (Level 1)  HK$3980* per module (Level 2 & 3)  *Course fees do not include textbook and are subject to change without prior notice

This 2.5-year programme gives students a solid foundation in Accounting. Holders of the Advanced Diploma currently receive exemptions:
Up to 6 papers' exemptions from the ACCA;
Up to 8...

Higher / Advanced Diploma
Full Time
20 months (Full time) /   8 subjects only (Part time)
HK$2,900 per month


Higher / Advanced Diploma
Full Time
Part Time
HKD $3940 per subject

使畢業生能具體應用中國稅務、金融、法律、審計及會計法則及理論, 並能勝任有關中國會計與相關資料的分析,核實與綜合評估 ,在處理複雜的商業及會計問題時,能熟運用相關的中國會計準則和標準。完成課程以後,學生應能夠:
1. 闡釋會計功能在中國企業的運作(單元1 和2)
2. 應用會計準則于中國企業管理(單元1, 2 和4)
3. 全面應用企業概念、中國會計、...


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