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(IT) Information Technology

Find information technology courses offered by some of the most competitive and popular information technology departments in Hong Kong and worldwide. An information technology degree arms candidates with the tools needed to navigate many of the planet's top organizations, as computer technology continues to dominate the professional landscape. From pitching to closing deals, make yourself an integral part of any company's progress with an information technology degree. 

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Full Time
3 years
AUD$23,840 per year

Digital information has revolutionised the way we do business. Its capture, strategic use and associated technology in the business environment, is the discipline of information systems. Having an...

Part Time
$975 (高額資助) / $3,250(一般資助)
1. 香港合資格僱員 (即合法在香港居留並可無條件自由受僱或工作的人士,包括香港永久性居民及新來港定居人士);及  2. 年齡在15歲或以上;及  3. 學歷在副學位程度或以下;及  4. 持有屬資歷級別第二級或以上的資訊及通訊科技業證書或同等資歷;或  5. 中五學歷程度及具資訊及通訊科技業工作經驗,並通過電腦程式知識入學測試
  • Android簡介及系統架構
  • 畫面設計
  • 多媒體的處理
  • 資料處理
  • 發佈產品
  • Android應用程式開發實作
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Online/Distance Learning
Short/Block Courses
30 Course Lessons
USD$29 (1 Month Premium Access); USD$69 (12 Months Premium Access)

Make your presentations stand out with Keynote, a stylish and versatile presentation software part of Apple's iWork productivity suite.

Full Time
4 Years
Local student: HK$74,800* (First Year); Non-local student: HK$112,200* (First Year). *The course fee for 2017/18 is subject to review and adjustment on a yearly basis.

This programme provides students with a quality inter-disciplinary education that offers a unique blend of media theory and practice in association with communication technology, so as to nurture...

Full Time
4 Years
HK$ 71,360 (First Year) Tuition fees are charged according to the number of credits for the courses taken by a student.  A student will normally take 40 credits in an academic year.  For completing the required 160 credits of courses, the estimated tuition fee to complete the whole programme is HK$285,440.

This programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the computing discipline and to expose them to practical applications of computing and information technology.


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