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Flexible MBA

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Our program’s high standard of excellence is maintained, in part, by the competitive nature of our admission process. Cal State Fullerton students come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds and demonstrate a consistent level of excellence and achievement. Admission is competitive and based on an overall assessment of the candidate’s academic, personal, and professional backgrounds. For more complete details on program admissions, please visit ourgraduate admissions website.

The Mihaylo College of Business & Economics MBA program is designed to mirror the career goals of our students. With options to complete your program either full or part-time, the basic curriculumconsists of ten foundation courses, four electives, and a capstone course. The foundation courses assure a complete understanding of the world marketplace while the concentration courses provide a particular area of focus. A highlight of our program is the strategy capstone class. Students operate in work teams completing a major consulting project with an area business. The learning experiences and environment of the MBA program has fostered a tradition of excellence with our students winning a cumulative 39 national awards from the National Small Business Institute’s case competition, placing in the top ten for 17 of the last 18 years, and placing in the region’s top three at the ACG Cup competition.


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Primary Area of Study

Primary Area of Study: 
Business & Management, General
Delivery Mode: 
Full Time
Part Time
2-3 Years
Language of Instruction: 
Course fee: 

Students, within their first year of study, must demonstrate proficiency in calculus, software applications, and statistics. The courses below or equivalent coursework must be completed with grades of at least a "C" (2.0)

Math 135 Business Calculus (3 units)
ISDS265 Intro to Information Systems & Applications (3 units)
ISDS361A or ISDS513 Statistical Analysis (3 units)

Equivalent courses in Calculus and Intro to Information Systems & Application may be taken at a community college. To find equivalencies at the community college check out The statistics course must be completed at CSUF or a 4 year institution.