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Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurs build a successful business practically from nothing.  They spot a business opportunity, make plan, and execute the plan to capture the opportunity. Their skills are best reflected by their abilities to build a team and secure adequate resources for their operation.

Successful entrepreneurs are hard-working, innovative, flexible, and capable of performing under pressure. They face a great deal of uncertainty and with minimum financial rewards during the early phase of business venturing.


Start your own business 

Being an entrepreneur is tough but potential rewards are enormous.  Steve Jobs of Apple is rich and widely respected as a person who can change the world.  Entrepreneurs are also independent and take no order from a boss.


Build entrepreneurship a skill

Corporations nowadays value entrepreneurial employees. Unpredictable changes in the business environment have propelled corporate leaders to look for employees with entrepreneurial spirits and skills to turn problems and uncertainty into opportunities.


Earn a scholarship for entrepreneurship

The CUHK Dragon Culture Entrepreneurship Scholarship is awarded to an individual or a team that exhibit scholarly and practical achievement.  The Dragon Culture Foundation would give professional and monetary support to winners to implement their ideas.


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Business Administration

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Full Time
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Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units.