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Part-Time MBA

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The Smith School has become one of the world’s leading business schools in transforming its curriculum to reflect the changing needs of an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Smith’s curriculum allows MBA students to gain:

  • An appreciation of the importance of globalization, entrepreneurship and technology in today’s business environment
  • An “integrative” systems understanding of the interactions of the key functional aspects of an organization in order to enable successful businesses
  • Well-developed, sophisticated quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills—writing, interpersonal, small group, large group
  • An understanding of the role of business in society and the ethical challenges of global business
  • Well-developed leadership skills
  • An understanding of effective teamwork and the skills to participate as an effective team member
  • A mastery of the core aspects of the operations of a business: marketing, information systems, accounting, operations management, finance, strategy

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Primary Area of Study

Primary Area of Study: 

Secondary Area of Study

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Part Time
2-4 years
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Applicants must have completed the equivalent of a United States' bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in order to be eligible for graduate study at the University of Maryland. The Smith MBA assumes no prior knowledge of or background in business. However, due to the quantitative rigors of our program, the Admissions Committee requires that admitted applicants demonstrate strong quantitative skills prior to matriculation.

The Admissions Committee will review each applicant's GMAT/GRE score, undergraduate and/or graduate (where applicable) academic performance, and work experience in making this determination. If, in the opinion of the Admissions Committee, an applicant has not demonstrated strong enough quantitative skills for academic success, an admitted student may be asked to successfully complete a calculus or statistics course prior to enrolling at Smith. Applicants who are admitted will be notified in their admission letter if and only if they are required to complete additional coursework.