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MBA in Entrepreneurship

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Committed to intellectual expertise, scholarly research and the spirit of community involvement, the business program is built on the strengths and traditions of the University of Santo Tomas. The MBA program is envisioned to produce world class business leaders imbued with Christian and Ethical values.The Faculty members in the program are business practitioners and academic scholars who pool their knowledge to stress the skills required to face unexpected challenges and to provide realistic solutions created by change.Students are motivated to make the MBA Program not only a center of excellence but also acenter of leadership. The course offerings enable students to build their careers as managers; update their knowledge and skills in order to gain an understanding of the universal factors that influence the success of business; and to develop lifelong skills to address the management issues of tomorrow.


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Primary Area of Study

Primary Area of Study: 

Secondary Area of Study

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Full Time
Part Time
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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related courses with a general average of at least 2.0/85% or B.
  •  At least two (2) years working experience