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MBA courses with an entrepreneurial focus or element; are they an oxymoronic combination? To glance over recent enrolment trends and increases in the number of entrepreneur MBAs on offer would seem to suggest otherwise. With Hong Kong offering the perfect environment of ever-hungry consumers, there is an emerging pack of eager young graduates looking to tap into the notoriously active market.


But with the increasing pace of business and a more global marketplace, graduates are recognising the need to add a few more strings to their bows. This is where an entrepreneur course comes in for students who wish to develop or enter a more diverse company such as a startup. The spirit of Hong Kong entrepreneurship in fact lived on since the 80s. Individuals involved in their own companies or looking to join a startup need to be versed in a lot of varied business practices in order to get their vision off the ground.


From the bottom-up startups and other entrepreneurial pursuits require thorough planning and calculated execution to be able to survive in the marketplace. An MBA with entrepreneurial spirit can help eager prospective or current businesspeople to make their vision a reality. More importantly, high-flyers with an entrepreneurs’ mind-set and skills are not only welcomed by start-up companies, they’re also highly sought after by established companies who want to innovate to survive and bring new ideas to their business.


Any startup company requires investment, and most MBA graduates are going to have to navigate the tricky landscape of catching the attention of the right investor. Where to look for investors – be they angle investors, business incubators, strategic partners or venture capitalists – who are most likely to work in synergy with your professional aspirations is a pivotal part of getting any startup up and running, and is a skill an Entrepreneur MBA can help students to hone.


For many, getting off to a good start as an entrepreneur involves the avoidance of the cost and time further education demands of its candidates, however, with fluctuating markets and a demand for more startups, more and more graduates are directing their education towards being an entrepreneur in Hong Kong.


Students are increasingly concerned about getting hands on experience in the business world during their MBA, as well as gaining skills that are relevant to both prospective employees of entrepreneur enterprises and to aspiring entrepreneurs themselves.


With Hong Kong acting as a thriving epicentre of commerce, a merger of the Eastern and Western markets, the city remains a highly strategic location for aspiring business men and women. Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong has always been active and their population on the rise.


People are not at all shy to part with their money in this part of the world, with many joking that shopping is the territory’s national sport; so what better place to pursue entrepreneurship than Hong Kong?


If Hong Kong isn’t your city of choice to study in, we list many courses that span further afield in different corners of the globe. If you do not wish to be tied to a single location for the duration of your studies, then an online MBA may be more applicable to your chosen lifestyle.


Whatever you decide, changing times require changing strategies, and an MBA entrepreneur is a great way to maximise your educational and entrepreneurial assets in one complete course. 

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