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Executive Education

an inaugural directory of executive education in Hong Kong, China & South East Asia.

In this challenging economics times, many senior working professionals are turning to executive education to equip themselves with critical skills and enhanced knowledge in addressing big-picture questions and optimising daily business operations. The decision to make significant investments in acquiring such trainings are made not only by the executives themselves, but as well as their employers whom believe that ongoing training of their best employees make for a better, more productive workforce. This section aims to help such executives and their employers in making sound decisions in selecting the right executive education courses.

Short/Block Courses
Our professional trainers are experienced in doing personality assessments for executive development and training follow-up. Their assessments provide high-quality psychometric evaluations of the...
Short/Block Courses
Our professional training is designed to provide the essential skills, strategies, models and best practices of mediation to help business leaders serve as professional mediators, whether internally...
Short/Block Courses
Facilitated by international certified NLP trainer, the programme provides executives with a methodical, structured approach and effective techniques for dealing with the most challenging aspects of...
Short/Block Courses
The Leadership Stress Management training is designed to help executives beat the negative side of stress. Our team of professional psychologists will define the effective strategies to managing...
Short/Block Courses
Our training adopts the worlf-renowned "4D Systems Dimensions" created by Dr Charlie Pellerin, which has been proven successful in assisting NASA's elite technical teams to track team development and...



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