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Are You Sure You Want to Go Public?
Many family owners are tempted to float their company on the stock exchange, lured by the idea of raising significant amounts of cash. But going public is not always what it’s cracked up to be.
Lego builds on strong success in China as playful children discover their creative side
Sales of Danish company’s toys surge more than 50 per cent in two years as mainland parents recognise that playing with interlocking plastic bricks boosts inventiveness. 
Canadian International School students, alumni call for apology, investigation in letter-writing campaign
Students and alumni of the city’s troubled Canadian International School have called for a public apology from the school’s management over the recent dismissal of nine teachers...
Cornerstone Investment: A Fast-growing Trend
To facilitate the completion of IPOs, more and more companies looking to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are turning to cornerstone investors.
Hong Kong’s ‘objective’ student evaluations are a blight that need to be removed
Philip Yeung says the Territory-wide System Assessment, created by bureaucrats for bureaucrats, merely adds to the unnecessary pressure in the classroom and should be axed.
Japanese publisher recalls 10,000 textbooks after student finds girl in illustration with three arms
A Japanese publisher recalled 10,000 textbooks for elementary pupils after an eagle-eyed student noticed a girl in one of the illustrations had three arms. Sanseido KK...
Students have been let down by local exam that is far too difficult
I refer to the letters by Cheung Wai-yu ("Students of English have few excuses", June 7) and Henry Wong ("Reading is key to language learning", May 4) in reply to my letter...
Five Hong Kong summer camps to educate and entertain kids
From surfing to kung fu, from circus skills to musical theatre, Hong Kong is full of activities and camps for the summer. Summer is here, and for some students that means summer camps...
Chinese University medical students can spend first half of training at Cambridge
Scholarship recipients eligible to spend first half of their studies at British university. Medical students at Chinese University will have the chance to spend half of their training...
Eton launches X factor in China’s online edtech
Mainland China’s booming online education sector is gaining the support of Eton College, Britain’s leading independent school and the alma mater of Princes William and Henry, the grandsons of Queen...