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Upcoming Events - Updated on April 17, 2015
Bachelor of Business (Management) Information Seminar HKBU School of Continuing Education (SCE) Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 14:30 / Kowloon Tong
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Singaporean high school logic puzzle sets internet abuzz after going viral
A maths problem that first appeared in a test for Singapore's elite high school students has baffled internet users around the world after it went viral, prompting a rush of attempts to solve it.
Mainlander parents top Asian survey on overseas education for their children
Fifty-one per cent of respondents want their children to study overseas, survey finds. The mainland's middle class is the most willing in Asia to send their children abroad for education...
Two-thirds of Hong Kong's Chinese history teachers opposed to curriculum revision
Nearly two-thirds of Chinese history teachers in secondary schools oppose a plan to revise the curriculum to enhance the teaching of contemporary Chinese history, a survey found.
Schooling choice a lesson in economics
Among my circles of friends and colleagues, we are forever debating the merits of an IB or DSE education for our children. So my colleague Elaine Yau's article on precisely...
Hong Kong's entrepreneurs 'held back by pressure from family to conform to norm'
'We expected some pressure but not that strong, frankly', said researcher. Pressure from friends and family is holding Hong Kong's potential entrepreneurs back, a study into the start-up scene has...
Want to play Quidditch? You can, in a former Hong Kong factory
Industrial plants have become fun palaces where you can play Harry Potter's favourite game, or try bubble soccer, indoor skiing, archery tag and other serious indoor fun. 
Upwardly mobile: Chinese mobile technology start-ups face an uphill battle
Swarms of start-ups in mobile technology are feeling the effects of hyper-competition, illusive investment and fickle consumers.Fu Cong was a stubborn smartphone convert. For years...
MetLife & HKUST MBA Gets Hong Kong Business into Action
On 19 April 2015, over 100 young business people will come together for a challenge of mind and muscle for the first “MetLife & HKUST MBA Amazing Race” (“MBA Amazing Race”) in Hong Kong.
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Five Myths about Education
I have two friends who are professors at the University of Hong Kong. Recently they told me how their students who are now graduating are disillusioned with the job opportunities...