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The MBA Festival 2014 hosted by Education Post, South China Morning Post, invites high flying entrepreneurs to share how doing a MBA helped path their way to success.
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University of South Australia Bachelor of Psychological Science Information Seminar HKBU School of Continuing Education (SCE)
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INSEAD names Mr. Andreas Jacobs as new Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mr. Andreas Jacobs, Executive Chairman of Jacobs Holding AG, Chairman of Barry Callebaut AG, is appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors of INSEAD, to succeed Mr. Franz B. Humer as of January...
A Blissful Beach Yoga Practice!
WHY YOGA? There're plenty of good reasons to give it a try - Yoga improves posture, relieves muscle tension, reduces stress at work and in life, strengthens neutral mind, and keeps our body in good...
App to teach Chinese writing is a hit with local and expatriate kids
When digital marketing specialists Venus Lee Lan-kiu and Royce Lee Yat-pui created their Chinese-language learning app last year, their first thought was to test the beta version on a focus group...
Fair puts spotlight on education in Canada
This year’s two-day Study in Canada Fair held at the Park Lane Hotel provided further proof of the growing interest in what the country offers prospective students.
Standardised tests don't tell the whole story, but do provide valuable data
My son lost all of his motivation to work hard at school this week. His class was subjected to a series of standardised tests and I feel these put too much pressure on a child of eight.
Entrepreneurs love failure
In the workplace, they say it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you don’t make the same mistake twice. Reading between the lines, that means individuals are supposed to learn from lapses or...
Reading the signals of debt maturity choices
The terms under which firms borrow can be revealing about what they think of their future prospects, according to investigations by Vidhan Goyal and Wei Wang, who looked at instances when firms chose...
Forming the start-up ecosystem – Part 2
The Good Lab opened in 2012 out of a different consideration.