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Can introverts really enjoy the MBA experience?
One of the taglines most commonly used by MBAs to convince young professionals to apply to their schools is the promise to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. 
What’s so special about ‘Yale kids’?
Since I began my life and studies at Yale University, one question I have frequently been asked by friends in China is:  what’s so special about Yale?
IESE’s MBA turns 50
The 50th MBA class of IESE starts on 15 Sept in Barcelona. 25% hail from Asia, with the biggest intakes from China, Japan and India.  
Kellogg School of Management launches new brand strategy focused on inspiring growth
The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University announced today key milestones in its Envision Kellogg plan for transformation, including a new brand strategy focused on “inspiring growth...
MBA rankings: Fact and fiction
How do rankings for MBA programme work and does a higher ranking really indicate a better school? 
A business Mind: Sum Wong
Sum Wong, co-founder and chief executive of Eventxtra, founded his first start-up while at university, and hasn’t looked back since. As an information technology student, he has an exceptional market...
How MBA students fund their business school qualification
All sorts of figures circulate claiming to show how much MBA graduates can increase their earning power once they have completed the qualification. 
Upcoming Events - Updated on September 12, 2014
HKIEd 20th Anniversary Dialogue Series: Housing Future for the Younger Generation The Hong Kong Institute of Education Monday, September 15, 2014 - 15:30 to 17:00 | Taipo
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Pacific Horizon: How a group of EMBA alumni in Shenzhen join forces to leverage on their business knowledge (Part 2)
Pacific Horizon invests in incubator projects and gives professional advice to start-ups and companies preparing to go public. It also works with them to develop innovative business tools.
Keeping a cap on a crisis
A close look at certain aspects of your company’s procedures could prevent a minor incident turning into a full-blown disaster.