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How our innovative youth can make Hong Kong even greater
Tony Chan says the city needs new engines of growth, and investment in science and technology is one way to diversify the economy to benefit the next generation
Students can decide for themselves
Since it is accepted that travel and study broadens the mind and can widen career options, the notion of making it compulsory for some of Hong Kong's brightest young people seems unnecessary.
  • SCMP Editor
As more opt to study overseas, China must find way to bring talent home
China's rising prosperity has liberated educational aspirations. The mainland's middle class is now the most willing in Asia to send their children abroad for education, with 51 per cent of...
  • SCMP Editor
Opinion: Hong Kong's Education Bureau made right move in suspending school-based assessment
The Education Bureau has recently revamped its policy on school-based assessment (SBA) for senior secondary subjects, scrapping the original plan of introducing it to more...
Cheating rife in US colleges in the digital age
Stanford University's honour code dates to 1921, written by students to help guide them through the minefield of plagiarism, forbidden collaboration, copying and other chicaneries that have tempted...
Dragon boat teams battle to the sound of drums and cheers
The teams who competed in the Young Post 6th Inter-school Dragon Boat Championship gained so much more than just medals and prizes. Sixty-two teams from 34 schools gathered..
Hong Kong start-ups should 'look to China', not the US, to grow their businesses
Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs should turn their sights to mainland China rather than the United States or Europe to expand their markets, according to entrepreneur-turned-investor Edith Yeung...
The best career advice I ever got
Over this past weekend I had the privilege of participating in a leadership and career planning programme at the University of Hong Kong. The programme consisted of several prominent business leaders...
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Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching Information Seminar HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 14:30 to 16:30 / Admiralty
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It's time to re-read Sun Tzu, Professor Arthur Li
Arthur Li Kwok-cheung has always had many enemies. I met one of them a long time ago when Li quit as head of the Chinese University to become education minister under chief...