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MBA admissions – telling your story
The question I hear most often when meeting prospective MBA students is “what makes an application successful?” I think most candidates want to hear that there are one or two key attributes they need...
Anchoring bias skews analysts' forecasts
Anchoring bias happens when people overemphasize a starting point when they make predictions or decisions. 
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Europe's Lagging Startup Scene
Can it really be that of North America, Europe, and Asia, it's Europe that's lagging behind in the startup scene? Some think so. The reason is not lack of enthusiasm, gumption, or skills, but simply...
Business needs more emotionally intelligent leaders
 EQ isn’t necessarily measured by a quantitative number, but it certainly contributes to one’s long-term career success. The ability to connect with, relate to, and motivate others for success is...
Overcoming the generation gap in a company
When advising a corporate client, I always emphasise the importance of people and taking full account of how different individuals are likely to behave or react in certain situations. 
Start an MBA with clear career goals in mind
It takes a lot to get into any MBA programme. You have to work hard to build a great career profile, bump up your GMAT score, write some “killer” essays, and then get through all those painful...
Trust trumps ideologies in problem-solving—particularly for a society seemingly losing its sense & sensibility
What the book, “Trust: the Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity” by Francis Fukuyama, is about should be self-explanatory enough by its title. It is amazing that the reputable author...
Programme tackles gender imbalance at board level
The need for more women to hold board-level positions has become a much discussed topic in business circles and the wider community, but talk counts for only so much. 
Instead of counting beans
By nature, the accounting profession is conservative and as a result, financial statements often don’t reflect the innovative potential of a company. How can investors get better guidance if they...