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Looking past the numbers: big data analytics give value to text

Businesses are used to using numbers to assess their success, whether it is the number of products moved monthly, daily stock prices or the annual percentage growth of sales. But the proliferation of social media and of assessments such as analyst reports means there is also a lot of text circulating that could be of value for gauging consumer and market sentiment.

Buying a Car before you can drive

A New York Times article some time ago reported that people who could not drive were nonetheless purchasing cars. A survey of more than 2,500 British women found 63 per cent intentionally bought clothes that were too small for them. Why would people buy things they are unable to use?

Marketing wisdom and common sense suggests they are optimists.

The profits and pitfalls of earnings surprises

Earnings surprises have been shown repeatedly to trigger standard responses from the market: if the surprise is a large earnings increase, the stock price will go up, and if it is a large decrease, the stock price will go down...

Business professionals put skills to the test in MBA Amazing Race

Although the MetLife & HKUST MBA Amazing Race did not require contestants to navigate their way through airports or try to communicate in an unfamiliar language, the April event still offered participants..

Lonely People Who Play For Higher Stakes

People who feel socially excluded are more willing to pursue riskier but potentially more profitable financial opportunities, whether they be in stocks, lotteries or financial products...