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Institution overview

SMBS – The University of Salzburg's Business School


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Schloss Urstein, Schlossallee 95412 Puch bei SalzburgAustria


In addition to the Master programmes (approx. 4 semesters duration), we offer target group-specific Short Programmes and in-house programmes adjusted to the needs of companies. In the lecture and conference series ON TOP MANAGEMENT, premium speakers provide you with up-to-date knowledge and trends from economy and management in a compact form. In the Consulting & Research business area, consulting services, project support and contract research and development are a "must" for a business school at the University of Salzburg.

The organisational form of the University of Salzburg Business School is as unique as its product range: As an enterprise of the Austrian Republic, the province of Salzburg, the University of Salzburg, Akademie Urstein, Wüstenrot, and Malik Management Centre, St. Gallen, SMBS forms an interface between public and private, between academia and economy. With a Private Public Partnership, SBMS has its finger on the pulse of all areas it is linked with, and can incorporate its insights into future-oriented vocational and advanced training programmes.

The uncompromising quality standards of University of Salzburg Business School are ensured by international accreditation, constant evaluation and quality control processes, as well as the highest standards in the selection of lecturers.

The educational opportunities offered by the University of Salzburg Business School all correspond to our claim: Management as a transformation of knowledge into usefulness. This ambitious standard is realised by international experts from various areas. Apart from our cutting-edge course content, strict attention is paid to the balance between academics, researchers, and practitioners in our lecturers and speakers to achieve an optimal balance between academic foundation and entrepreneurial practice.