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Hong Kong International Schools

There are numerous top international schools in Hong Kong, all with their own style of teaching and a slightly different curriculum. Overall, the international schools in Hong Kong rankings are impressively high, thereby rendering them very competitive, given the limited number of spaces and the desire of many parents to send their children to foreign universities.

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Perfect IB scorer 2017: Valerie Hung, GSIS
Q&A with Perfect IB scorer Valerie Hung, from German Swiss International School.
A unique distinction
Along with high academic standards and an extensive choice of extra-curricular activities, the best schools in Hong Kong look to offer something extra.  In the case of Carmel School Association’s...
KIS: A school of many talents
The Korean International School (KIS) is determined to correct the misconception that students “must” be Korean nationals if they wish to attend.
Maple Leaf shares plunge as Shanghai tightens rules on operating international schools
Foreign operators will be limited to running kindergartens and upper secondary schools, Shanghai’s education commission said. China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd.’s shares ...
When David Baird, interim head at Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS), took over in August, he was determined to turn things around. The previous year had seen...
Hong Kong’s Education Bureau warns British school over recruiting students too early
The Education Bureau has warned a British boarding school, which plans to open a campus in Hong Kong, to complete its application process before recruiting students.
British school in Hong Kong told it cannot be called ‘international’ until it receives government approval
Education Bureau sent letter warning school management not to make declarations that might mislead the public or parents before registration is complete. The...
New international school in Hong Kong set to profit from parental worries
Stamford American School will open in Ho Man Tin, targeting local, expatriate and mainland pupils. The business opportunities arising from parental frustration with the local education...
Still room for more learners at Hong Kong’s latest English Schools Foundation kindergarten
With waiting lists the norm, the Lantau facility has about 50 vacancies, but maybe not for long. Hong Kong’s new English Schools Foundation kindergarten at Tung Chung...