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Short courses and interest classes

Learn Something is a fun and vibrant online directory published by Education Post to showcase short courses and interest classes to premium readers of South China Morning Post. The easy-to-use website makes it easy for readers of all ages, from students to young graduate, professionals to parents, to search for that special experience to enhance their summer holiday and learn new skills.

Chance to learn about wines of Italy, with regional dishes to match
Hong Kong drum clinic pioneer preaches community unity
Art Basel Hong Kong gives children introduction to art
Printing Workshop is a fun activity for Hong Kong children on rainy days
Want to play Quidditch? You can, in a former Hong Kong factory
Mindfulness can help students deal with life's daily pressures

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 $1,120 per month + one-off art supplies fee of $480
Course feature:
Once-a-week classes for 3.5-17-year-olds The comprehensive Art Program is made popular by its student-centered, versatile and age-appropriate...
Course feature:
The ECM Circle is part of the core values at CHANCE FOR KIDS.
Course feature:
The ECM Circle is part of the core values at CHANCE FOR KIDS.
Course feature:
The ECM Circle is part of the core values at CHANCE FOR KIDS.

Course Guide & Reviews

Why China’s youth football guru says turning country into a football powerhouse begins with the parents
Tom Byer is tasked with implementing a total sea-change in the way the country of over a billion people perceives and coaches the sport. As the Chinese Super League...
If innovation is embedded in our education system, everyone will see the benefits, in Hong Kong and around the world
Andy Hor says innovation is not about making money, but sharing knowledge and building a better quality of life through research. The government has committed HK$2 billion...
How craft activities help young children train their muscles for writing
Simple paper cutting and colouring in serve to help develop a child’s motor skills and prepare them for more complex tasks, such as correctly holding a pen for writing.
The real Shaolin soccer: Football training base set up in China's largest kung fu school
A coaching base for young footballers has been set up near the Shaolin Temple in northern China with pupils who have learned kung fu taking up soccer training...
Briton launches academy to inspire spirit of adventure in Hongkongers
Matt Prior can’t get enough of adventuring. Now he’s launched an academy in Hong Kong to teach others to do likewise. There’s nothing like a language barrier to complicate matters when...
Pole position: Meet the 69-year-old Chinese grandma who loves to pole dance
Dai Dali may be dressed in a mini skirt and high-heeled sandals, but she is not like other pole dancers. She will turn 70 in December. Yet the slightly built, former bookstore employee from...