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Reticent to give up your day job but want to enhance your career prospects? Then studying for a part- time degree of diploma could be for you. We list a range of courses and international diplomas, geared towards professional advancement, at globally- recognized institutions. Find part- time diplomas and degrees at both national and international institutions.

Full Time
3 years totally over 3 Summer Courses 2014 - 30th June to 8th August ; 2015 - 29th June to 7th August ; 2016 - 27th June to 5th August ; and 2 Spring Seminars 2-7th February 2015 ;  25-31st January 2016
60,800 RMB

The "early childhood 3-6" Teacher Training Course prepares adults for the task of helping young children to develop the fullness of their individual human potential.

Part Time
184 Hours (A total of 4 courses) 
HK$9,300 (1st installment)  HK$7,400 (2nd installment) 

Upon completion of the programme, participants should be able to:

Develop a positive working attitude, knowledge and skills as competent clinic assistants in medical clinics;

Full Time
10 months
HK$3,250 per month



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