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Study and living costs

For the many international students looking to study abroad in the United States, tuition costs will be one of the bigger expenses they will need to consider. Not only are the normal tuition costs for schools in the U.S. high, but foreign students will also need to pay an international fee.

Because the American government does not mandate a standard fee for education across the U.S., the price of tuition and associated fees will differ greatly between the colleges and universities. In order to find out the estimated costs of attending a particular institution, check their website for admissions costs.

To get a general sense of tuition costs per year to consider, take a look at the below set of examples taken from the 2011 school year.

  • Two-year, public community college: $3,000
  • Four-year, public institutions for out-of-state students: $12,500
  • Four-year, private institutions: $29,000 - $40,000

Living costs

After tuition, living costs will be the next big expense for students studying in the United States. The total cost of housing, food, transportation, etc. will vary greatly depending on location and personal lifestyle. Other factors that may drive up your cost of living expenses include entertainment and social life. Books and course materials are also costs that are not already factored into the price of tuition.

Utilities for living accommodations, such as water, heating, electricity, internet, and gas also need to be considered, though most international students may have the overall costs reduced if they share living expenses with roommates.


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