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Expert insights, insiders' views and other in-depth articles to help you understand the postgraduate education landscape in Hong Kong. Stay ahead of emerging trends with our news and resources for higher and continuous education. This is a selective collection of articles in popular areas and of topics of immense interest such as MBA study, events and seminars, education, healthcare and architecture.

June 19, 2014
Accounting, hobby, lifestyle has been published with great success under the cooperation from CPA Australia, HKUSPACE and SCMP Education Post. On 17...
HKU head defends Education Bureau's calls for investigation into Occupy co-founder Benny Tai
May 27, 2015
Professor Peter Mathieson says education secretary was reasonable in repeatedly requesting investigation of Occupy co-founder. University of Hong...
Glass ceiling for Asians starts in US higher education
May 27, 2015
When it comes to admissions to America's most elite universities and colleges, Asians are like the Jews in the first half of the 20th century. It is...
Why Hong Kong teen science talents are few and far between
May 25, 2015
Government and schools need to work together more to nurture Hong Kong's fledgling scientists, say educators. In the murky universe around us, more...
Forget Little Big Master: Hong Kong headteachers can't save schools alone
May 25, 2015
Recently, I saw a local film called Little Big Master, which is about a school headmistress who goes to a remote area out of love for kids to revive...
E-learning makes further education a reality for tens of thousands of Africans
May 25, 2015
Zuhur Yasin has never been to the United States, but she holds a bachelor's degree from an American university. Part of Yasin's studies in Somaliland...
IESE ranks no. 1 in Financial Times Executive Education Survey
May 25, 2015
May 20, 2015.  IESE Business School took the top spot in this year’s overall Financial Times Executive Education ranking published this week. IESE...
For Chinese elite private school, straight As aren’t always enough
May 24, 2015
As the sun rises above Guangzhou’s Yuexiu district on Saturday morning, it’s yet another hectic beginning for mainland pupils battling cut-throat...
Strategic alliances drive lasting social change
May 22, 2015
Corporate-NGO partnerships are not a novel innovation in corporate social responsibility strategy.
Upcoming Events - Updated on May 22, 2015
  • EP Editor
May 22, 2015
Personal Branding Online Guest Talk + for Postgraduate Diploma Marketing Series Information Seminar HKU School of Professional and Continuing...
Five top overseas study tours for Chinese parents and children
May 22, 2015
Overseas study tours are gaining popularity with Chinese parents and their children, offering the chance to spend weeks in a foreign country learning...