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Expert insights, insiders' views and other in-depth articles to help you understand the postgraduate education landscape in Hong Kong. Stay ahead of emerging trends with our news and resources for higher and continuous education. This is a selective collection of articles in popular areas and of topics of immense interest such as MBA study, events and seminars, education, healthcare and architecture.

Nine in 10 grads rate their b-school degree a good to outstanding value
June 25, 2015
Early Job Offers for Full-Time Two-Year MBA Grads at Three-Year High
Decision Making is Educational: Taking Parenting Course 101
September 30, 2016
The way I see it, the most fundamental lesson that we need to learn from “Parenting Course 101” is: listen to our children. Yes, it seems basic...
Revised history curriculum focuses more on Hong Kong but omits important elements of the past
September 30, 2016
New Chinese history syllabus for junior secondary school levels receives a mixed reaction from educators after first consultation session. Educators...
E-commerce and big data
September 28, 2016
China aims to lead the world in innovation by 2050. This may seem like a lofty goal for a country that was not long ago referred to as “the world’s...
Finance and technology
September 28, 2016
The popularity of e-commerce and peer-to-peer lending continues to rise, and shows no sign of slowing down.
Doctors raise the alarm at steep rise in myopia among Hong Kong children
September 28, 2016
Government urged to take action after figures reveal a 10.5pc increase in youngsters with nearsightedness. 
ISF opening speech: 'Education is the mother of leadership'
September 27, 2016
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I know principals and teachers rise early; still, I must thank you all for choosing to spend this mid-autumn...
Belt and road
September 27, 2016
Hong Kong will benefit from the OBOR initiative, Vincent Lo Hong-sui, chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), told the engaged...
Outbound investment
September 27, 2016
One of the world’s most renowned researchers on developing economies, Anil K. Gupta, professor of strategy, globalisation and entrepreneurship at the...
Trends in the talent market
September 27, 2016
What will the China of the future look like? In addition, what professional skill and talents will be required for China’s future economic...
To the next 50 years
September 27, 2016
World-class scholars, experts, and alumni celebrate CUHK Business School’s 50th anniversary with insightful talks and discussions, Rebecca Simpson...