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Do you need a Marketing Degree to get a Job in Marketing?

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Whether to study marketing

Marketing is a vital part of every company’s success. While a marketing degree used to be taught as a small part of an overall business course, it is now a Bachelor of Marketing degree in and of itself--and rightfully so. After all, if you don’t study marketing and develop marketing skills, how will you then be able to attract the necessary target market to your business? So if you are someone who is inspired by advancements in social media, disappointed by lacklustre advertisements, and an excellent, persuasive communicator, then a marketing major from a top university could be the right choice for you.

What is marketing, and how do I develop marketing skills?

Marketing is the ability to sell a product or service by communicating the value and worth of it to potential customers. To do this effectively, marketers need to not only anticipate demand for goods and services, but also be able to control and satisfy that demand. This is only possible if the marketer has already identified his target user clearly and accurately. So a marketer is responsible for increasing a company’s ability to effectively promote its brand and sell its products to its target demographic.

On top of all that, to excel at marketing, a marketer must stay with the customer throughout the entire process of a sale, analysing the customer’s experience, as well as every facet of the business. This intimate knowledge gives you, the marketer, the opportunity to help businesses understand their consumers and how best to inform them of a given product’s unique selling points that are most important to their customers.

Marketing and a Bachelor of Marketing Degree have steadily gained in prominence, in terms of their standing within society. If one had to summarise the subject matter to those contemplating whether or not to study marketing, it basically involves the ability to connect customers to the business and all that it has to offer, in terms of products, services, and the way of life which is encapsulated by its brand.

What to expect from a Bachelor of Marketing Degree

As an undergraduate, you can probably expect to choose between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) marketing degree. The difference between the two is that the BA will focus more on the humanities-oriented elements, while the BS takes a more scientific or technological approach.

Generally speaking, whether you opt for a BA or a BS, it will take three to four years for you to complete your course, if you do decide to study marketing. But it is also possible to take an Associate’s Degree (or Foundation Degree), which only takes two years, and you’ll still be able to develop marketing skills and have the qualities to work in a marketing role. Of course, a full-blown Bachelor of Marketing Degree is more likely to lead to better pay, greater responsibility, and more fulfilling roles. So in response to the question ‘Do you need a marketing degree to get a job in marketing?’, the answer is, as always, ‘It depends’. It ultimately depends on the institutional provider, your professors, the course content, your networking skills and whether or not (or how quickly) you develop marketing skills.

In terms of what to expect from a Bachelor of Marketing degree, you can expect a variety of lectures, seminars, market research, and case studies, along with other homework and examinations for assessment purposes. Keep an eye out for the degrees that also offer the opportunity to earn professional accreditations from top institutions such as Google Analytics, Communication Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM), and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, to name a few. These would likely suggest an amenability of your institution to the more digitally-oriented side of marketing, which may prove to be your cup of tea and would definitely prove to be useful in the future, for a job in marketing. Undertaking a marketing major is more than just enhancing your knowledge and getting a degree within a specific field of expertise; if you study marketing, you will thereby acquire the necessary capabilities to sell anything to anyone. If nothing else, that must be an exciting area of knowledge that you can claim to be your own. (And if, having read the article above, you decide that you might want to reconsider and see what is most suited to you, there are many other academic programmes discussed here.)

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