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Masters in Business Management and other Management postgraduate courses

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Master of Management Degree

Management postgraduate courses are suited to ambitious graduates seeking a general management perspective, regardless of their undergraduate-degree background. A Master of Management Degree is highly recommended, in particular, for those graduates interested in pursuing management careers and aspiring to be top corporate leaders. A Masters in Management Studies teaches business operations and organisational behaviour from multiple viewpoints, developing a student’s business experience on a holistic level. If you are a professional looking to move into a more senior management role, a Masters of Management Degree or a Masters in Business Management may, indeed, be the right match for you.

What to expect from a Master of Management Course

An MIM (short for Master of Management) or MSM (Master of Science in Management) programme lasts for about one to two years depending on where the degree is completed -- which can be country and programme specific. Many management postgraduate courses offer different modes of learning for those with busy lifestyles such as distance learning, evening and part-time classes, or accelerated programmes.

The first part of the management masters degree has a set of required courses that cover the principles of business management and related subjects like entrepreneurship and management operations. Afterwards, students can then choose a specialisation in an area that interests them, such as human resources or information technology.

Some Master of Management programmes can sometimes be used to pursue an MBA, with a few MBA programmes allowing Business Management Masters graduates to skip the first year of the MBA and proceed to the next set of courses. Some programmes are specifically designed for senior-level professionals with several years of work experience.

A Master of Management degree is usually taught through a combination of lectures, seminars, and classes with a dissertation that is due at the end of the postgraduate course.

Entry requirements for a Master of Management Degree

Most Management postgraduate courses are accessible to those with very little work experience. Some applicants may have limited business knowledge, but may be strong in other areas, like communication, analysis, business consultancy, purchasing, or organisational development, which an institution will take under consideration through the screening process.

Some Management Masters Degree programmes ask for a recent resume along with two references (tip: choose a previous employer and/or an academic source). Programme applicants may be asked to attend an interview to determine their critical thinking abilities and basic business knowledge. You may have to submit a 500-600 word ‘letter of intent” answering why you have chosen a particular programme and what contributions you will make to the field. This shows an institution your writing skills and commitment level to the MIM. It also helps to have secondary courses in quantitative subjects such as accounting or finance since many programmes concentrate on these areas intensively. Ultimately, you are seeking to demonstrate that you have the necessary team-working and presentation skills to undertake individual and group work, and from which the course can develop you, whether personally or professionally.

Students who want to study abroad may also be asked to provide recent results of an admissions test such as the GMAT, GRE, or an IELTS or the TOEFL if English is not your first language.

Instead of a standard business degree, contemplate obtaining a Masters in Management Studies or a Masters in Business Management. These courses are more focused on equipping you with practical leadership skills which you can utilise in any future roles which revolve around people management. A sound training base leads to innumerable job opportunities. (And if, having read the article above, you decide that you might want to reconsider and see what is most suited to you, there are many other academic programmes discussed here and there are also similar courses, such as management consultancy courses.)

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