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Expert insights, insiders' views and other in-depth articles to help you understand the postgraduate education landscape in Hong Kong. Stay ahead of emerging trends with our news and resources for higher and continuous education. This is a selective collection of articles in popular areas and of topics of immense interest such as MBA study, events and seminars, education, healthcare and architecture.

June 19, 2014
Accounting, hobby, lifestyle has been published with great success under the cooperation from CPA Australia, HKUSPACE and SCMP Education Post. On 17...
French International School Student Plays  Kurt von Trapp in The Sound of Music
March 31, 2015
The French International School (FIS) is pleased to announce that one of its Primary 6 students, Tommy Avery, has earned the role as Kurt von Trapp...
Art Basel Hong Kong gives children introduction to art
March 31, 2015
Children and expensive art don't usually make good bedfellows but at this year's Art Basel, families with young children were treated to an expanded...
Lifelong education a growing priority in Asia, Unesco report says
March 30, 2015
Education is a human right, no doubt about that. In a recently released document, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural...
Hong Kong's young mums given a chance to return to school by Caritas
March 30, 2015
Dressed in a blue school uniform and sporting a backpack, Monica blends in easily with the throngs of teenage pupils going to school - except for the...
Hong Kong design students benefit from studying in China
March 30, 2015
Two specialist design schools across the border are giving local students a passport to promising careers. Thousands of students are drawn to a...
Hong Kong's teacher professional training programme needs fine-tuning
March 30, 2015
Recently, there has been talk about the training and preparation Hong Kong teachers need to be competent at their job, which has grown much more...
Parents protest sackings at Hong Kong’s troubled Canadian International School
March 30, 2015
More than 100 parents dressed in black rallied at Hong Kong’s troubled Canadian International School this morning to demand answers over the sacking...
Getting the most from career services
March 30, 2015
A couple of weeks ago the Economist Magazine rated the career services offices of some of the world’s top business schools... 
Upcoming Events - Updated on March 27, 2015
  • EP Editor
March 27, 2015
Foundation Certificate in Employment Legislations – Hong Kong and Mainland China Information Seminar HKU School of Professional and Continuing...
Why non-compete agreements are not always good for business
March 27, 2015
Locking your employees in might seem tempting in order to protect your firm’s intellectual property, but have you also considered the potential...