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Expert insights, insiders' views and other in-depth articles to help you understand the postgraduate education landscape in Hong Kong. Stay ahead of emerging trends with our news and resources for higher and continuous education. This is a selective collection of articles in popular areas and of topics of immense interest such as MBA study, events and seminars, education, healthcare and architecture.

Nine in 10 grads rate their b-school degree a good to outstanding value
June 25, 2015
Early Job Offers for Full-Time Two-Year MBA Grads at Three-Year High
Three tempting British independent IB schools to blow your mind
August 25, 2016
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma has stood strong and rarely had its feathers ruffled over the years. It is, indeed, a timeless classic...
The science of improving your work life
August 25, 2016
Caroline Webb, author of How to Have a Good Day and CEO of Sevenshift, on what you can do to have a more fulfilling work life.
Should we pay students for good grades?
August 22, 2016
Cash rewards can help motivate students to achieve good results—but the effect may not last long enough to get some kids to graduation, according to...
Hong Kong government tech strategy lacks policy goals and imagination
August 21, 2016
When a government body uses the same tactics for promoting pottery at a trade fair to jump start Hong Kong’s moribund or non-existent technology...
University rankings are useful, but they don’t tell the whole story.
August 19, 2016
Not much can rival the excitement surrounding the Oscars, but the announcement of the university rankings certainly comes close. The rankings, be...
Hong Kong’s exam obsession must end if we are to bring the best out of all our young people
August 19, 2016
To become a ‘smart city’ we need to maximise everyone’s different skills, not just those of the 15,000 that enter universities every year. There are...
Guidelines look to push Hong Kong schools to place contract teachers on equal footing with permanent staff
August 19, 2016
Education authorities issue guidance to publicly-funded schools on how to improve salaries and benefits of teachers on short-term contracts. After a...
CEO training course on offer in China ... for three-year olds
August 19, 2016
Report by state news agency quotes experts criticising some parents’ obsession with enrolling their children for extra, ‘expert’ tuition to help them...
Female entrepreneur interview #4: Jesrina Arshad, founder of PurelyB
August 19, 2016
It seems like all the fabulous female founders know each other. Like my previous interviewees Shannon and Yosha, Jesrina is carving out her space in...