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DSE 2017 Top Scorer: Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School

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The top scorer for Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School in Kwun Tong took 13 marks in his best 5 subjects (3231 accounting 4).

Diagnosed with muscular dystrophy since his birth, the student who refuaed to disclose his name and family is one of the 15 students with physical disabilities who attended the exam from the school.

He has to rely on respirator and wheelchair in everyday life, and has faced difficulties in writing.  He received apecial treatment from the HKEAA to have 75% more time for the exam.  He has prepared for the exam since Form 3, one year earlier than normal students.

Deputy principal Lam Ka-wah said the student is likely to apply for programs at VTC or IVE, because his english result cannot meet the minimum requirement for university admission.

He hoped that the government can provide more resources for assisting special education needs students after their graduation.  Due to intelligence or physical disabilities, most of the students cannot find jobs in many industries.

He said that the government's new education policy on increasing class-to-teacher ratio to 1:10can benefit the students. With more teachers and more class, they can provide education catering to the students' special needs.

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