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University of London International Programmes to offer web design MOOC

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If you want to learn how to build, test and deploy a complete mobile-ready website then a new MOOC - massive open online course - specialisation programme launched by the University of London International Programmes this month might be just what you’re looking for.

“Not only will the course enable learners to master a skill and acquire expertise in web design and development but it will also make them more attractive to any prospective employer, regardless of whether they chose to go into a technical job or an unrelated area,” said Michael Kerrison, Director of Educational Innovation and Development, University of London International Programmes. “It is an exceptional skill to have that is seen as added value by many employers.”

Goldsmiths, University of London, led on the development of this specialisation which will be available on the Coursera online platform.

The MOOC Specialisation entitled Responsive Website Development and Design has six component courses with the last one concluding with a project. The project entails the design and development of a website using what has been learned during the first five courses.

The specialisation is designed to enable learners to understand and develop all the technical layers found in a typical website. These range from the familiar interface text, through to the several layers of technology, right down to the underpinning database structure.

The first of the six component specialisation courses for the Responsive Website Development and Design programme will be launched on 15 September 15, with the full specialisation becoming available from December 15.

The cost of enrollment on each specialisation is US$79 and a course certificate for each course completed costs US$49.

More than 187,500 learners enrolled on another MOOC designed by Goldsmiths - Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps - on the three occasions it has been made available. This record number of enrolments make it one of the most successful MOOCs for the University of London International Programmes.

“We have a very distinct approach to teaching computing, which is both highly creative and deeply technical, with the capability of producing the next generation of programmers for the creative industries,” said Professor Mark D’Inverno, Pro-warden for Research and Enterprise at Goldsmiths. “Our experience also extends to the undertaking of a large scale European project, which supports advanced peer feedback and social learning analytics – all of which have been built into this specialisation for Coursera”. 



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