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Operation Santa Claus: Create your own Christmas card

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Q1. Can you tell me more about your team?

We are a group of students in the HKUST Professional MBA program. We are a diverse group with members coming from Hong Kong, China, United States, and Azerbaijan, but we all came together with one goal; to help those in need. We are grateful for what we have and we’d like to give back to the community. We also wish to raise people’s awareness towards those who are less fortunate and help people realize how they can help those in need through small actions.


Q2. What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?

We will host a series of “create your own Christmas card” events and host a big Christmas fair at the end. During these events we will give participants the chance to create something unique as well as buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones. At the same time, we are also trying to spread the name for OSC, through people who come to our events and through social networking. We want more people to be aware of what OSC is doing and send their love to those in need.

Finally, in the big Christmas fair at the end, people may bring their loved ones for a day of fun, planned activities includes balloon workshop, painting workshop, handicraft market, magic shows, performers etc.


Q3. How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge?

Some of the most important skills that we learned from the MBA programme are networking and cooperation. As a team, we can achieve much more than what we could as individuals. We teamed up and used our combined networks to help us achieve our goals in the challenge, while bringing value to others at the same time.

For example, we obtained sponsorship from big companies and individual owners, who provided us with goods or services for free. In return, we advertise their brands for them by handing out flyers at our events and promoting them on social media. It was a mutually beneficial endeavor.


Q4. What is your fundraising target?

Our fundraising target is $50,000. We expect to receive $30,000 from the series of “Create your own Christmas Card” and sales events and we expect to receive $20,000 from the Christmas fair and online donation.


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