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Operation Santa Claus: Love in the city

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Q1. Can you tell me more about your team?

We are a group of professionals from different cohorts of the CityU MBA programme, but one thing we share in common is that we’ve devoted ourselves to charitable causes in our spare time.


Q2. What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?

Our team will have a White Christmas Street Fair with the sponsorship of Swire Properties at Quarry Bay to sell the little Christmas themed gifts as part of our fund raising activities. However, our major fundraising activity will take place on December 17, when we will host a grand Christmas charity party CityU.

During the party, not only will there be wonderful shows and performances on display, but we have also invited representatives from different beneficiaries to share their stories with guests and donors. Elaine Chiu, one of Hong Kong’s emerging artists whose art is on display at the Central MTR station, will donate a painting to be auctioned on the party.

We intend to raise people’s awareness towards important social issues by making a pie chart of the percentages of the underprivileged population in Hong Kong, and turn this into a real pie, which will be sold and distributed to further raise funds and awareness. The more people eat the pie, the more attention and money will be given to the underprivileged.

In order to take advantage of this unique opportunity, we have set up the CityU community service club to work with the Salvation Army and Women’s Foundation to help the communities in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the rest of the city.


Q3. How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge?

The experience of participating in this challenge serves as a mock exercise of creating a startup company. When we had a fundraising idea, we needed to try every method to test our hypothesis; conduct surveys to find out what interested our targeted audience, what are their value propositions, which partners can support us and what recourses we have. 

We had to decide which key activities ensure we maximise profit, and through which channels the events could be promoted on a large scale, but with low cost.


Q4. What is your fundraising target?

We aim to raise $30,000 through various activities, and from the donations from our personal and professional networks.  


Activity: giving thermos pots to senior citizens

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