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Operation Santa Claus: Merry Xm’UST

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Q1. Can you tell me more about your team?

Our team, Merry Xm’UST, comes from HKUST MBA Professional Program. We are a group of individuals eager to contribute and give back to this community which we call home. Our mission is to raise awareness of hearing impaired individuals (#Silence) and other beneficiaries supported by Operation Santa Claus (OSC), and improve the sustainability of charitable causes in our community.


Q2. What will you do for Operation Santa Claus in the coming weeks?

We have an ongoing online campaign called “Signs of Love”.

We invite our family, friends and students to post videos of Merry Christmas wishes in sign language on social media. Through spreading the videos on Facebook, we hope to raise public awareness of the struggles hearing impaired individuals must endure. 

We also hosted a party called “Silent Night at Central”. Different from any other Christmas party, we allowed participants to experience communication using body language in a silent environment. We also held an auction at night to help raise funds for OSC.


Q3. How will you use your MBA knowledge in the Challenge? 

The team members will all have functional roles in the sales, marketing, communication and accounting aspects of the campaign, as well as assist in the coordination of various events. We think of this as an experiential learning opportunity, during which we will have many chances to apply our classroom knowledge to these different functions. Furthermore, our regular retrospective meetings aim to help us go beyond what we’ve learnt in the classroom, and allow us to learn from each other. 


Q4. What is your fundraising target?

Our team’s original target was HKD 150k during our proposal to the panel, and this looks very much achievable thus far. We aim to reach our target and even surpass it by the end of the holiday season.


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