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Built for success: Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong site visit

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Nestled within the tranquil hills of Clearwater Bay is a proverbial “diamond in the rough”. Like a sculptor chiseling out the first core features of a statue, Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong’s LOHAS Park campus is beginning to take shape. Although still very rough around the edges, as any construction site is expected to be, a handful of us were treated to a guided tour around the fledgling campus.

After the “world premier” of the school’s latest campus video, as described by Principal Ben Keeling, a thorough safety briefing ensued and hard hats were donned. Keeling took us through the main entrance stair case, around the indoor sports hall, and up to the fourth floor where we got a glimpse of the campus’ enviable surroundings.

“This site was our first choice,” Keeling said, reiterating how grateful he is to have secured such a quality location. From the second floor up the building has a view completely unimpeded by buildings, a rare sight in Hong Kong. The green bushy hills surround the school in a way that is almost soothing, while the laid-back atmosphere of LOHAS Park bodes well in creating a child-friendly environment.

Keeling’s vision is for all Shrewsbury students to be able to engage in outdoor learning. To this end, there is newly constructed Tseung Kwan O South waterfront promenade, which is perfect for young learners. For older children, there is an array of great hiking trails which weave through the hills down to Clearwater Bay.

Standing in the centre of the sports hall protruding over the site is a massive red crane, lifting and moving resources around. The way it helps circulate resources and  materials being to their needed stations as a means of building something greater makes it an apt metaphor for education; as if it were a teacher guiding the classroom, providing the tools for knowledge and overlooking proceedings while not interfering with its construction.

The campus too is designed to do just that. A purpose-built facility designed so that primary-aged children can get the most out of what the school has to offer. Creating the opportunity for students to work, play, interact and form a community.

A strong sense of togetherness is crucial to Keeling’s vision for the school, as he hopes to see a wonderful mix of cultures and experiences in a learning space that embraces diversity; in other words, a truly international learning atmosphere.  

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong promises to be a gem of a school in a city whose parents are now becoming spoilt for choice.

Scheduled to open in September 2018, applications are open for nursery to Year 6.

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