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Perfect IB scorer 2017: Cyrus Chan, ESF KGV

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Brief background:

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I have been in the ESF system from kindergarten all the way through secondary school.

Q. How will you celebrate your great results?

I’ll just enjoy myself a bit more while spending time with my family and friends. I can finally relax now and forget any doubts I had before getting my results.

Q. What are your plans for the summer?

It’s really just to meet up more with friends before we go our separate ways to start a new chapter in our lives. Other than that, I will be trying to catch up on my sleep. 

Q. What are your plans for the next academic year?

I will be studying medicine at university and, of course, also hope to enjoy other aspects of general university life, such as taking part in different student societies.

Q. Do you have a particular career in mind?  

Eventually, I hope to become a doctor involved in the treatment of patients and medical research. My decision to pursue medicine essentially stems from an interest in studying the sciences and experience of helping others via various voluntary service projects.

Q. How did you relax during the peak study period in your final year?

I tried to relieve stress by doing things like playing the guitar, watching YouTube videos, playing table tennis, and taking regular naps.

Q. What is your favourite hobby and why do you like it?

What I like best is playing the guitar, which is a good way to relax and makes me feel more connected to the type of music I enjoy listening to.

Q. Do you play a sport and why did you choose it?

In general, I’m not a very active person, but I do enjoy playing table tennis for fun. It is a sport I can play quite easily with my friends outside school hours.

Q. Have you been involved in any volunteer or charity work during your final year?

During my last year at KGV, I took part in volunteer work through the school’s Unicef club. The year before that, I volunteered to teach English to primary school children. The experience was initially challenging yet ultimately rewarding, when I saw the gradual improvement and how much the children enjoyed it.

Q. Can you offer some advice for students approaching their last year at school?

This isn’t really anything new, but I would advise students to keep pushing and remind themselves of their motivation and reasons for studying. It can be easy to “burn out” in the final year of the IB. Another important thing is to apply yourself to the coursework. High marks there can give some peace of mind and possibly save you from a bad day during the final exams. Finally, make sure to sleep enough. As we all know, sleep helps to keep your mind clear and, in my opinion, beats any panicky last-minute cramming of facts the night before you sit a paper.

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