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Perfect IB scorer 2017: Jasmine Wong, ESF SIS

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Q. How will you celebrate your great results?

I will be having a lovely celebration meal with my family and will also hang out with my friends. They have all been amazingly supportive throughout the years. This really is a happy time for all of us and I feel so proud of everyone.

Q. What are your plans for the summer?

I have been having a lot of fun travelling to different places with my family and friends. I am also very excited about the prospect of attending my church’s summer camp. And I will definitely spend more time playing the cello.

Q. What are your plans for the next academic year?

Starting this September, I will be studying medicine in Hong Kong.

Q. Do you have a particular career in mind?

I hope to become a doctor. I’ve always loved exploring science in relation to the human body and I’m keen to have a job which involves interacting with people. Serving others as a doctor would also be a wonderful way of contributing to society. I’m aware of the stress and challenges I will have to face, but I’m really passionate about doing this and I’m all set to pursue this mission-driven career.

Q. How did you relax during the peak study period in your final year?

Although I was very focused on revision, I started a “gratitude journal” in which I noted down different things, big and small, which I was thankful for. Taking time to think about happy moments really helped me relax during that stressful period. I also ate snacks and broke into song at random moments.

Q. What is your favourite hobby and why do you like it?

Singing is one of my favourite activities. It helps me relax and feel free. I like to sing along to songs I come across, as well as making up my own tunes or harmonising with my sister or friends.

Q. Do you play a sport and why did you choose it?

I have done fencing since I was in junior secondary school. Taking up a sport is important for keeping fit and healthy. It has certainly helped me maintain a work-life balance and kept me sane.

Q. Have you been involved in any volunteer or charity work during your final year?

I volunteered at the Children’s Heart Foundation, participated in fundraising activities, and acted as a tutor for children from ethnic minorities. These experiences were both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Q. Can you offer some advice for students approaching their last year at school?

Manage your time wisely and be well organised in your approach. Prepare thoroughly and start working well ahead of the deadlines for various written assignments during the year. Most importantly, always believe in yourself, stay positive, and keep smiling.

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