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Quantum leap into studies

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Quantum Academy was founded by its programme director Maggie Chau, who was formerly the deputy principal of St Stephen’s College. It’s little wonder then that the summer courses it provides are almost exclusively education-centric.

Many are centred on building study and critical thinking skills, a focus that very much reflects the philosophy of its founder, who feels that helping students adopt good study habits at an early age is essential to instilling lifelong learning abilities. “We believe that students who possess effective study and thinking skills will not only be able to take full advantage of classroom learning at school, but will also fully enjoy and love learning for the rest of their life,” she says.

Chau is also known to be a big believer of kindling and enhancing children’s passions. “When parents choose summer courses, they ought to consider their children’s interest and needs instead of simply keeping them occupied,” she says.

Quantum Academy provides a rich variety of courses through the summer, many of which are also available at other times of the year.

In addition to these courses, the organisation also provides educational and consultancy services to students, parents and schools. This includes preparation for school interviews and advice and assistance in creating student portfolios.

Featured courses:
English Word Power

The course seeks help Cantonese-speaking, primary-school students expand their English vocabulary and adopt the skills needed to continue building their vocabulary independently. Available year-round, six two-hour sessions, HK$4,200.

Camp Millionaire
A four-day camp, during which students are taught the basics of managing money. The camp, which is based on a programme developed in the US in 2002, does not focus on generating wealth, but rather on taking responsibility for one’s finances. Jul 16-19, HK$6,380.

Super English Presentation
A presentation skills course for Cantonese-speaking primary and secondary students covering everything from icebreakers and introductions, to body language, speech organisation, and persuasion techniques. Available year-round, six two-hour sessions, HK$4,200.

English Phonetics and Phonics
The course aims to help students pronounce correctly and enhance their listening competence. Cantonese only, available year-round, six two-hour sessions, HK$3,800.

MuD Thinking
A popular programme that equips students with critical Multiple Dimensions (MuD) thinking skills. Cantonese only, available year-round, six two-hour sessions, HK$2,800.

Further details and courses:

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