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Why stock returns under Trump might disappoint investors
April 5, 2017
The stock market climbed after the US presidential election, and the big market indices set successive new highs. Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin proclaimed that the index gains represented the markets giving the new administration’s proposals positive marks on its economic “report card...
Hong Kong electric car start-up Thunder Power eyes China market
April 2, 2017
Hong Kong-based electric vehicle company Thunder Power has thrown down the gauntlet to carmakers and tech giants around the globe, claiming that its vehicles will have revolutionary wireless charging, autonomous driving capabilities and a range that will surpass its rivals and win the hearts of...
How China’s ‘copycat’ tech companies are now the ones to beat
March 30, 2017
For a long time, Chinese companies have been known for copying market-proven products, brands and business models from the West and adapting them for the local market with only minor modifications. Such a phenomenon is known as shanzhai , a Chinese term that was originally used to describe a bandit...