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Courses for modern executives
June 2, 2017
To maintain an edge, businesses must understand their market and be ever alert to new niches and opportunities. The same, of course, applies to leading business schools. Besides offering the essentials of an MBA or master’s, they must also devise and developforward-looking options which respond to...
The Best MOOC For Entrepreneurs
March 17, 2017
As someone who is attempting to take enough free courses to add up to a complete MBA , I know as well as anyone that not all MOOCs are created equal. Some courses are so good you can’t believe they’re giving this stuff away for free; with others, your time would be better spent watching a good TED...
Poets and Quants: Best free MOOCs in Business For January
January 13, 2017
Why do so many speeches fall flat? Blame poor delivery for one. Who wants to hear a speaker trip over every line or drone on without making a point? Let’s face it: public speaking is an exercise in respecting the audience’s time and IQ, not to mention the spirit of the gathering. While passion and...
Paying lifelong investment
April 2, 2014
HKUST masters programmes in finance are evolving to meet change, reports John Brennan, At a time when the financial services industry has come under increasing levels of scrutiny and regulation...