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MBA Career Help

With a diverse range of MBA careers on offer for graduates in this field, there has never been a better time to enroll and blaze a trail to your own MBA career path. However, sometimes the plethora of MBA career options available can be daunting.


Education post provides a variety of feature articles focused on MBA careers to help inform readers of the career options available to professionals with a master’s degree in business administration. This resource contains unique insights from industry experts to help ensure that potential, current and graduate MBA students direct and follow their desired MBA career path and excel in their chosen field of expertise.


Of course, our MBA career help section’s sole focus is not on landing a job alone, this page pays homage to many of the intricate and often overlooked factors MBA students come up against both during and after their MBA.


How should you set up a career interview with a potential employer? How do you prepare your resume for a career application? Do you want to pursue the path of an employee or an entrepreneur after your MBA? These are all buzz questions asked by students concerned about their MBA career, and are the very questions Education Post answers via expert advice and opinion in this section.


MBA career advice is something that Education post takes seriously; that is why we continue to interview and work with experts and guest writers who understand the industry inside out. The MBA career advice articles on this page aim to inform prospective, current and graduate MBA students as to the career options available to them, whatever their chosen field may be. From MBA careers in digital marketing and e-commerce, to finance and even solo entrepreneurships, there are a range of helpful feature articles to help readers on the road to their desired MBA career path. However, the execution along the way to a successful MBA career is the key to gaining and retaining the positions graduates want for their future. Education post offers professional, expert advice surrounding issues that graduates often come up against in the pursuit of their MBA career.


MBA career options can be vast for successful graduates, but only when the fundamentals have been ticked off. These include resume structuring and presentation and why this matters, interview preparation for different organizations, and whether it is best for entrepreneurs to hit the ground running with their own career path. There are many obstacles along the way to a secure and fitting MBA career for graduates in the field they aspire to work in, but with the right targeted knowledge from experts, graduates have a much higher chance of securing their ideal MBA career. Whatever the requirements of prospective, current and graduate MBA students in the pursuit of their best possible career, Education Post provides a plethora of expert advice to help MBA students realize the MBA career options they are working towards and best practice along their way to success.

When It’s okay to mislead your employees
October 4, 2016
Sometimes, everyone having the wrong map is preferable to some having the right map. Imagine two teams of engineers working for the same innovative tech firm: one designing the processor for a new laptop, the other responsible for the screen. If either team gets it wrong, the prototype will fail...
Starting your career far from home
August 9, 2016
Young people seeking adventure, career enrichment and personal fulfilment should consider an overseas stint. At a time when there is increasing fear of “others” and “difference” – evidenced by Brexit and the success of Donald Trump – we wanted to take a closer look at the phenomenon of globalised...
Factors that can make teams more innovative
July 20, 2016
Innovation has become an essential survival feature in today’s world, where new technologies and evolving markets mean companies have to be creative and open to new ideas to stay competitive. Much research has been written on the factors that underpin individual innovation and team innovation. But...
What’s the story of your start-up?
July 19, 2016
Great stories and great start-ups share similar principles. Start-ups are like stories. They embody characters, a plot and usually a high degree of struggle. But, much like stories, if the characters are boring, the plot thin and the struggle uneventful, they are unlikely standouts for success.
It's hard to shake a bad impression
June 20, 2016
It’s easier to get a reputation as a gossip than it is to get rid of it. That’s one lesson to be drawn from research by Chicago Harris’s Nadav Klein and Chicago Booth’s Ed O’Brien, who find asymmetry in how people evaluate others’ moral character.