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Choosing an MBA program

When choosing an MBA program there are a great range of factors that potential students entering further education need to consider. It is important to remain objective when choosing the right MBA: Which industry do you aim to enter into? Do you want to study on campus or online? Do you want to be an employee or an entrepreneur?


Another key consideration is the quality of both the institution and faculty providing the MBA course. The institution should ideally be accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Institutions accredited to these standards usually provide highly regarded study programs and are therefore popular among employers and recruiters.


A further condition by which to choose an MBA is by the quality of the faculty. Does the school faculty have the human and hard resources to provide the expertise you wish to acquire during your studies?  The composition of an MBA faculty can make or break both the experience of the course and the value of the qualification. These are all important pieces of the decision-making process for prospective MBA students to ponder in their search for the right course, and subjects that are explored in the advice articles on this page.


Financially-speaking, an MBA typically renders better career prospects and salaries for graduates who ascend through the ranks of business after their studies. That said, prospective students should calculate their expected return on investment when choosing an MBA program, to ensure personal resources are put to the best possible course for achieving educational, professional and financial objectives.


Education Post offers a range of articles aimed at students choosing an MBA. Our advice articles are either written by or feature experts in the field of MBA study, key business personalities and successful MBA graduates. Our guest writers and interviewees offer both generic MBA advice and industry- specific knowledge to help you choose the right MBA for you.


Regardless of the industry you wish to succeed in, an MBA has always been a sure fire way to get to a professional destination more quickly and effectively. At Education Post, we recognise how important it is for students to choose the right MBA. This is why we interview industry experts and feature MBA professionals and graduates to offer potential students the help and advice they need through the crucial decision- making phase of their progression into further education. Many students do not have the resources to be able to ascertain how to choose the right MBA. With a plethora of institutions, courses and qualifications on offer, there has never been a more confusing time to apply for an MBA.


Education Post provides an extensive bank of resource articles dedicated to helping students choose the right MBA to meet not only their professional goals and expectations, but to also offer advice through the personal, financial and educational obstacles students often come up against in the pursuit of their desired MBA. 

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October 28, 2013
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October 14, 2013
Question: Last year I started my own business on a part-time basis and now I want to make it a full-time endeavour. Do you think an MBA could help me become a better businessman or would it only help someone interested in working for big established companies?