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From MBA rankings to MBA online advice, we provide a range of articles geared towards giving current, prospective or graduate students an insight into the world of Masters of Business Administration study. Topics include the evolving demographics of MBA students, top ranking MBA institutions, the increasing popularity of online MBA, course innovation and how to maximise your studies for personal and career progression. 

US states’ tax-and-spend policies hurt their neighbors
February 20, 2017
When the State of Illinois raised taxes in 2011, neighboring state Indiana put up gleeful billboard advertisements to attract business. “Illinoyed by higher taxes?” the ads asked. “Come to Indiana, a state that works.” But research findings have some bad news for Indiana and elsewhere: rising taxes...
How history shapes the outcomes of market reform
February 6, 2017
The European Union enacted a series of regulations in the early 2000s to improve the financial markets of member states. While the new regulations were the same across the EU, member countries implemented, supervised, and enforced the new rules individually, ideal conditions for researchers looking...
Succeeding in the Age of Disruption
February 1, 2017
Whether you like it or not, we are officially living in the digital age with the internet taking over almost every part of our lives: we read the newspaper, shop for food and clothing items, book a movie ticket and our next flight, all on the internet, without having to interact with a real person...
Consistency More Useful than Accuracy in Earnings Forecasts
January 25, 2017
Two managers issue earnings forecasts; manager A’s forecasts are consistently three cents below realized earnings, while manager B’s forecasts are one cent below half of the time and one cent above the rest of the time. Do investors prefer A’s forecasts, even though B’s are more accurate, and does...