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From MBA rankings to MBA online advice, we provide a range of articles geared towards giving current, prospective or graduate students an insight into the world of Masters of Business Administration study. Topics include the evolving demographics of MBA students, top ranking MBA institutions, the increasing popularity of online MBA, course innovation and how to maximise your studies for personal and career progression. 

Do corporate whistle-blower laws actually deter fraud?
July 14, 2017
High-profile financial frauds in recent years spurred state and federal authorities to implement or strengthen “whistle-blower” incentives, which offer tipsters financial rewards (and a shield from employer retaliation) for blowing the lid on corporate fraud. These initiatives can help deter fraud...
One belt one road: success factors
July 5, 2017
Ever since the announcement of One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative, countries along the route of the initiatives have shown great enthusiasm towards this plan. However, the key question is: How can China increase the success of OBOR? Based the viewpoint of transaction costs, which I discussed in my...
Banks’ capital ratios help determine asset prices
July 3, 2017
History has shown that how an economy bounces back after a crisis is not determined simply by the size of the crisis itself. The US stock market lost a huge proportion of its value during the 2001 dot-com crash, but there were few lasting effects on the economy. In contrast, after the 2008 crash,...
The time and capacity limits on search
June 28, 2017
New products and services are fundamental to organisational performance and survival. New knowledge and information are fundamental to developing new products and services. Yet how top management teams (TMTs)...
Many entrepreneurs don't need subsidies
June 26, 2017
Long before Apple was a corporate behemoth, it was a small venture that had been started in a garage in Los Altos, California. The US government would like to see lots more similar success stories. It offers a variety of incentives to encourage small companies to launch, innovate, and grow. But...
Global Guanxi: chinese companies go west
June 23, 2017
Though global investments and acquisitions by Chinese companies have been occurring for a few years, the true globalisation of Chinese companies is only just starting. It will not be an easy transition. China’s unique culture, and its political and business environment, vastly differs from that of...