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OWN Academy Summer Camp
August 4, 2017
Want your kids to have some fun this summer? Look no further – OWN Academy’s Inspiration Summer Camp, offered for children aged nine to 13, gives students an opportunity to play and learn in the best way. As the name reads, OWN Inspiration Camp is about inspiring students in their OWN way with new...
Motivating the unmotivated child
July 25, 2017
Parents often complain to me that their child just isn’t motivated to do school work, whether it be in class or at home. Their child is “lazy” or “bored”, they tell me, and needs help improving his or her attitude towards school and learning. In my experience, however, this is rarely the case.
Dos and don’ts at a kindergarten interview
January 9, 2017
I recently met a group of parents and their toddlers during our school’s kindergarten interview day. So to ease parents’ anxiety, I would like to share some Dos and Don’ts at the kindergarten interview.
4 tips on filling your child's stocking this Christmas
December 15, 2016
Ever since I was a child, Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. In the US, we always had a fresh Christmas tree in our home and decorated it with ornaments collected throughout the years. Of course, as a child back then, the Christmas gifts were the most important part of the holiday.
How to Get Kids to Improve their Vocabulary
September 5, 2016
There are words like nullify, apex, frock, barbed, castigate and perpetuate - and the list goes on. In fact, these are a few of the words which turn up on tests and SSATs that kids aged 10 to 12 sit if they want to apply for places at top boarding schools in the United States and Britain.
More than skin-deep
May 26, 2015
A good balance between career and family is the very essence of life – ask any working mother. Things are no different for Anina Ho, CEO of global skincare enterprise ZENSATION...