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HK Secondary School List

The secondary schools in Hong Kong represent the flower beds of adolescent development and learning, thereby capturing a crucial stage in every child’s education. Our expansive secondary school list includes some of the best secondary schools in Hong Kong, thereby enabling parents to get the full picture and to make a thorough assessment of the plethora of secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Latest News

Q&A:Applying to Boarding School
It's only when things have hit rock bottom, where parents feel powerless and where family dynamics are toxic, that boarding school seems like a viable way out for both parent and child...
Thomas Hassan, former Principal and Admissions Director of Phillip’s Exeter Academy, and former admissions officer at Harvard and Brown, shared invaluable insights with over 100 parents on the U.S....
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Here we present a case study of how one successful Oxford Law Applicant, Tom, approached his Personal Statement.
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When to start preparing for UK Boarding School application?  Director & Senior Advisor Lucy Lau will give you some tips.
We meet a lot of kids who have great grades. And we should also explore and develop student's interests.
刁鑽牛劍面試題  真心想問點應對
Such questions are routinely practiced by students in the lead up to an Oxbridge interview.
Top 10 skills junior secondary school students need to thrive, and how parents can help
Pick the right friends, be organised, don’t get emotional, indulge your passions, recognise your limits – these are among the tips for successfully navigating the early years in high school.
There is a growing trend in Asia for students to apply to universities in both the UK and the U.S. during the same cycle. And the differences in the nature of the two education systems means that...
Hong Kong Institute of Education set to become city’s eighth publicly-funded university
Executive Council approves its university title and renames it the Education University of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Institute of Education is set to become the city’s eighth publicly-funded...