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Barcelona School of Management

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Balmes, 132-134 · 08008 Barcelona Spain



+34 93 547 81 82


Contact with the real world is one of its priori­ties. The Barcelona School of Management incorpo­rates academic research from the social environment on a global scale in order to form professionals capable of improving business practice and its impact on socie­ty. Therefore, the Barcelona School of Management maintains and promotes close relations between the university and industry. To achieve this, leading companies from the sector and public authori­ties participate in the development of its academic programmes.

The solid position achieved by the UPF in the eco­nomic and business sphere guarantees good quality tra­ining. Faculty, directors and academics from all over the world are joining the

The Barcelona School of Management offers MScs, MBAs, master's, executive education and tailored training within the business and public administration sec­tors. The MSc programmes base their methodolo­gy on evidence-based management, ethical decision making and entrepreneurship & social innovation. All the academic training is practice-oriented and also oriented towards the exchange of opinions, experiences and knowledge in the international area.