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Division of Landscape Architecture

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2/F, Knowles Building,The University of Hong Kong,Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong



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Landscape Architecture has been taught at The University of Hong Kong since 1993, initially as a program within the Department of Architecture, but recently expanded to full divisional status within the Faculty of Architecture.

We aim to be the destination of choice in the study, teaching and research into landscape architecture, and looks to produce landscape architects that can respond to the most complex urban, suburban, and rural development issues, dealing with diverse cultural and ecological environments, and working from broad based multidisciplinary platforms.

Landscape architectural staff undertakes research in their fields of expertise including the contemporary landscape and open space development in China, visual perception. Staff serves on a wide range of government advisory boards and committees related to landscape design and planning, and hold senior offices within the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects. They are also actively involved in the activities of the private sector.

Through all its courses, the Division of Landscape Architecture emphasizes the Faculty’s commitment to sustainable development through respect for the natural environment; culture; and society, and to the intelligent use of materials and technologies in the creation of places for people that have identity, vibrancy and diversity. We stress that design solutions should be created within a sound theoretical framework and should be sensitive to their context.

One of the central aims of the curricula is to develop a sense of community through project-based design. The landscape studio design programs are based on topical issues, and students are exposed to diverse approaches to a wide range of environmental, contextual and problem solving challenges. Innovation and quality in design are strongly promoted.