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Reims Management School

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59, rue Pierre Taittinger - 51100 Reims, France



+33 (0)3 26 04 69 63


+33 (0) 3 26 77 47 47


The Group has expanded steadily over the years and now numbers over 4000 students, 900 of whom are from other countries, taking undergraduate or post-graduate courses of study.
Located on a campus that meets international standards to the full (with markets room, multimedia language room, mediatheque, “business games” simulation centre, etc.), the Group is well known in the business world.
Its closeness to Paris (45 minutes from Gare de l’Est train station and 35 minutes from Roissy CDG Airport) favors contributions to classes on the part of French and foreign professionals.

RMS, a “Grande Ecole” at the service of its students and partner companies

RMS’s mission is to bring out its students’ talents to the full and help them become responsible, civic-minded managers, capable of understanding the stakes at play in today’s economic world.
Thanks to research work in the field of management and the development of ever more innovative courses, RMS also brings partner companies its know-how in management, providing effective, innovative solutions adapted to their needs, along with the opportunity to find future colleagues trained in the business problematics of tomorrow’s world.

A strong set of values, shared by all RMS players

  • Innovation and the spirit of enterprise: RMS students, teachers and staff are always open to new ideas, and ready to come up with innovative solutions together to further develop the Group and prepare the finest talents for tomorrow’s professions.
  • Academic excellence: recruitment of top-quality students, courses tailored to the individual, innovative educational methods, and first-rate teachers – such are the criteria employed to reach the stringent academic requirements that are RMS’s strength.
  • Professional pertinence: much sought after on the job market, RMS graduates are known for their innovative, pragmatic approach and their ability to adapt. Used to working alongside international students and teachers at RMS, they have no problem in working with multicultural teams and companies. Thanks to the many events organized by RMS (company week, conferences in London and Peking, etc.), the school has developed close ties with a wide range of partner companies.
  • Respect: an essential RMS value, respect applies at all levels. From their first day at the school, students undertake to respect their fellows, their environment and themselves. The same holds true for all RMS Group employees. Since 2003, the school has been committed to an approach encompassing overall responsibility, ethical values and sustainable development.