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Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

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Urstein Süd 1A-5412 Puch/Salzburg







As of 1 March 2005 the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce and the Salzburg Chamber of Labour each hold a 50% share in the Fachhochschule Salzburg GmbH (Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Ltd.).

The advisory board for the development of technical universities forms the steering committee of the University of Applied Sciences. This in turn is made up of representatives of the County of Salzburg, the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce, the Salzburg Chamber of Industry, the Association of Technical Colleges, Kuchl, and the Trade Association of the Timber Industry in Austria.

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is the repository of all nine FH courses of study at the sites of Salzburg-Urstein and Kuchl and a managing director takes care of its requirements.

Alongside the managing director, a council has been set up to ensure efficient and effective teaching and research activities, with the rector as presiding chairman.

Together the managing director and the rector form the management of the technical university.

It is the responsibility of the Heads of Department to ensure the smooth running of teaching, learning and research activities as far as content and organisation is concerned.

The central services guarantee the framework governing infrastructure and organisation of study, research and operative activities of the FHS.