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View and compare a range of short courses offered by both Hong Kong and international institutions, in a range of subject areas and conducted via multi- language instruction.


The courses on offer are available to people of all ages and the entry requirements are suitable to a variety of educational backgrounds from no experience to graduate level. Short courses are good for “water testing” before you take a deep dive studying for a profession.


Full-time education is becoming less applicable to individuals with varying lifestyles. This is why short courses in Hong Kong and international institutions are often popular among students who require a more diverse range of subject choices, and for those who do not wish to tie themselves to a full- time degree for three or more years. Students are a curious breed and a one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable to any individual entering the further education stream.


Gaining a diploma in a discipline is an alternative way to enter the professional workplace without a degree and progress into more managerial roles in the future. A great many industries are sympathetic of candidates from such educational backgrounds. Many employees favour applicants with the concrete theory of their chosen area, but with more time on the ground gaining invaluable experience; a requirement a short course allows time for. Also, for many working professionals, taking short courses is optimal for them to stay tuned with the latest industry development and even is a good initiative for entering into a new profession.


Short courses and top- up degrees also serve to supplement the electives candidates may have selected at degree level. These short term courses mean that students can diversify their skillset while not having to venture too far from the electives offered at degree or masters level. Students may wish to learn a new language or enhance an understanding of an existing language that is not currently offered at the institution they are currently enrolled at. Education Post also lists short courses in Hong Kong aimed at younger learners who wish to enrol on short courses in subjects such as English language phonics, Chinese, Japanese and many more. The courses offered on this page are geared towards enhancing candidate employment prospects, helping them to hone the skills that really matter to employers, or those that educational institutions require applicants to possess.


In addition, there are soft- skill courses on offer such as floristry and Pilates. Golf and language short courses for children are other popular options for parents wanting to enrol their children on useful extra- curricular programs. Short courses in Hong Kong offer candidates the chance to either learn a new skill outside of their stipulated curriculum or to enhance and hone an existing skillset. Short term courses allow students to study their chosen diploma, top- up degree or other qualification in a time frame to suit their lifestyle, while still gaining a certification recognised by international employees across the board. The job roles prospective short course candidates may undertake during their career tend to fluctuate, creating a need to refresh or diversify qualifications when transitioning between job roles and industries, or even country of residence.


Education Post lists a range of varied courses aimed at a variety of candidates from different age groups, skill sets and educational backgrounds, making it the premiere destination for finding a tailor made short course both in Hong Kong and overseas. 


第一、二期 每堂$220 (45分鐘) ; 第三期 $250-$300 (30分鐘) (視乎個別老師收費) ; 教材: $280 

家长常问:「小孩子应该几岁开始学钢琴?」担心「太早学?太迟学?」的问题。 Orff4Kids的研发团队针对学龄前的小朋友,配合孩子的年龄、身体、智力发展, 悉心筹划「I am ready 」儿童钢琴基础课程。

6 Days( 2 days visit in Hong Kong, 4 days exchange in Guangzhou )
HKD $3,300

「生态文明- 水之源」与「可持续发展教育」

水,是非常珍贵的天然资源。根据2012年联合国的数据指出,每年死于与水有关的疾病和灾难的人达六至八百万。因此,本会希望透过2014/2015 ESD学生暑期学堂引起学生的关注及认识水资源的重要性,并培养及提升学生交流技巧与解决问题能力,亦提供一个互动交流平台,配合可持续发展教育的发展趋势。


Five consecutive days spread over three months
USD27,500 or SGD34,750 (GST will be added for Singapore registered companies)

This program is designed for executives who are responsible for key organizational activities but who need to develop a wider general management perspective outside their traditional area of​​...


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