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Department of Sports Science and Physical Education




Kwok Sports Building,Department of Sports Science and Physical Education,The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T.,Hong Kong.




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we are the smallest department of the Faculty of Education, we have been highly successful in attracting excellent students to our programmes through a limited quota system. This system enables secondary school students who have demonstrated a combination of academic and sporting excellence to apply. Over the past fifteen years, the Department has offered an undergraduate degree in Education with a specialization in Physical Education and Sports Science. This leads to the award of a B.Ed. Honours Degree and an equivalent of a Postgraduate-Diploma-in-Education qualification. The philosophy underlying the degree reflects the belief that physical activity is good for one's mental, social and physical health throughout life. In addition to the M.Phil/Ph.D programme, we also offer four postgraduate programmes to provide students with an opportunity to continue their studies to obtain further training and to gain greater understanding of the field.

In order to continuously enhance the quality of our mission, all teaching staff members are actively engaged in research projects that investigate issues specifically related to physical activity and its influence on health. We are committed to producing evidence-based research works that are published in seminal journals in the fields associated with education, physical education, exercise, sport, and health. Subsequently, our research ensures that learning experiences will reflect current theories and applications particularly as they affect the changing needs of Hong Kong society.