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Faculty of Education




Office of Postgraduate Programmes in Education, G7, Ho Tim Building, Faculty of Education,The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong




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The Faculty of Education is a community of faculty members, students, and staff members who are passionate about improving education for our children, and who is committed to serving and leading the education community through teaching and instruction, innovative research endeavors, and timely development and service projects.

The Faculty has been a leading centre for teacher training in Hong Kong. The Faculty began its teacher-training mission in 1965 with the Postgraduate Diploma-in-Education Programme (PGDE). In more than 40 years, the Faculty has grown considerably and is now offering a full-spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for beginning and experienced teachers, as well as educational professionals in different career development stages. Through these programmes, we aim to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills, and competence needed in today's classrooms and beyond; cultivate teachers' devotion to teaching as a life-long vocation; and nurture educational leaders and researchers.

Excellence in research is an important goal of the Faculty. The Faculty of Education has been a vibrant and productive research center. For instance, funded research and development projects of the Faculty in 2010 aggregated to more than HK$102,000,000 (counting only funded projects that are active in 2010), including 12 projects funded by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC). The various projects conducted by our colleagues address issues salient to education in local and international settings, generate knowledge that informs educational policy and practice, and develop interventions that aim to improve school functioning and student learning