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DBA programmes are designed for mature businesspeople who want more than just common business training. DBA courses allow participants to closely investigate and reflect on business practices in which they wish to specialize. DBA has a long history in Hong Kong and has produced graduates who are not merely limited to the boardroom. DBA surpasses traditional educational methods by giving individuals the capacity to develop new business practices and subsequently apply them in their chosen organization. 

4 Years
HK$11,340 per credit unit for coursework and thesis components. HK$60,000 for two Residential Workshops. The estimated total tuition fee is HK$706,380.

This programme aims to develop senior executives who can advance knowledge and practice in their fields through rigorous applied research emphasising both academic rigor and business relevance....


3-6 years
HK$495,000 per programme (HK$100,000 upon acceptance of offer) 

he DBA programme is a well-structured, integrated doctoral programme specifically designed for practicing managers who aspire to further develop their understanding of management beyond the Master...

36 months (For students with a research master's degree) /  48 months (For students without a research master's degree)

The BBA in Hotel and Tourism Management Program is industry driven and aims to train hospitality talents who will make investment decisions and lead the operation of hotel groups, tourism...

3 years, maximum 6 years
HK$707,400 per programme  (excluding travelling and hotel accommodation costs of two Residential Workshops) * The tuition fee for 8 taught subjects (24 credits) and the Thesis (24 credits) is HK$648,000, and the fee for the two Residential Workshops (3 credits) is HK$59,400.

The major aim of the PolyU DBA, GSB’s flagship programme, is to educate senior executives to be the “global leaders”, who are able to apply research findings in solving the real-world management...

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