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Sponsored Content Policy

Education Post prides itself on strong, insightful, editorially driven content in addition to which we host interesting and informed pieces contributed by members of our vertical communities, such as academic experts and corporate leaders.

From time to time, we also invite companies, universities and individuals to contribute posts. These are not sponsored items, but guest posts subject to review by our editorial team to ensure they adhere to content guidelines which we apply to the rest of our editorial content.

Some companies see engaging with Education Post readers as a valuable marketing opportunity. And Education Post recognises the demand for promotional opportunities from schools and universities. We view sponsored content from trusted partners as one of the key ways to support and expand our site.


How We Define Sponsored Content

There are several ways for such schools and universities to sponsor content on the Education Post site. 

  1. Advertorials: We collaborate with sponsors on themes for articles, and our editorial team assigns writers to produce these advertorials. The writers work closely with advertisers during the process and maintain the standards expected of professional journalists. All content themes are reviewed by our editors, though opinions will always remain those of the advertisers.
  2. Sponsored Supplement/Newsletter: At times, advertisers see value and look for branding opportunities by being a supporter of certain content or collection of articles. This usually takes the form of a supplement or email newsletter – in digital format or otherwise - where advertisers become sole sponsor of the supplement. The content is entirely driven by the editorial team and adheres throughout to the strict policies Education Post adopts for its journalism. The advertisers are allowed to insert their own content (advertorials, see above) and this is also clearly denoted as such.
  3. Contributed Content: As part of our integrated advertising packages, we sometimes invite sponsors to submit one or more articles which are edited for grammar and clarity - but not content – by Education Post.


How We Label Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is clearly labeled as a "Sponsored Feature" and in orange to differentiate it from other editorial content on the site. Often, there will be banner ads, embedded multimedia links, and other call-to-action elements within such advertorials. Sponsor logos will be placed in supplements and email newsletters if applicable.



Education Post regards transparency as a core pillar for our own company and for the schools and universities we cover.

The increasing use of sponsored content on the Web - often known as native advertising - has put the onus on media outlets such as Education Post to find the right way to serve advertisers and readers alike. With high-quality writing, sponsored content can make Education Post stronger and offer extra value to our readers. It can be difficult to maintain a clear policy on sponsored content. However, as this new advertising format grows on the Web and on Education Post, we are committed to updating our policy as necessary to maintain the trust we have built with our readers over the years.


Reader Feedback

We welcome reader feedback about our sponsored content policy. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, please send them to our editorial team at